The Old Chapel Textile Centre in Newbury, home of the National Needlework Archive, offer courses, workshops and exhibitions in sewing, haberdashery,  needlecraft, textiles, embroidery, cross stitch, quilting and textile art. Our shop carries an extensive range of all needlework and sewing products including fabric, threads, wool, zips and patterns. We have an archive of historic textiles and patterns and are home to The Country Wife mural.


National Needlework Archive

Exhibitions & Events at The Old Chapel Textile Centre

2018 - Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

Thursday 1st February -Thursday 22nd February

Galleries 1 & 2

'Quilts from the Archive'


A selection of quilts from the collection housed at the National Needlework Archive.

Saturday 3rd February

10.30am  – 3.00pm

10.30am – 11.00am

Poppy Day

Join us to make poppies for the Wonderwool Wales and British Legion project to make a curtain of poppies.  Poppies can be knitted, crocheted or made from fabric.  Contact the OCTC for further details.

FREE Demonstration - 
Hand Quilting

Tuesday 27th February -Thursday 15th March

Gallery 1

The SEW Embroiderers’ Guild

Members’ Exhibition

This exhibition encompasses many different techniques by members from branches in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

Saturday 3rd March

10.00am – 2.30pm

10.30am – 11.00 am


Fabulous annual sale of fabric, wool, etc.

Great prices.  Don’t miss out!

FREE Demonstration –

Flip and Stitch crazy

Tuesday 6th March -Thursday 26th April

Gallery 2

'Knitted Newbury'

A display documenting the work of the Knitted Newbury Knitting Group.  This is a work in progress, heading towards the grand launch of the Knitted Newbury Picture on Saturday 7th April.

Tuesday 13th March -Thursday 26th April

Gallery 1


Contemporary Quilt Group

Textile experiments with Turkmenistan fabrics.

10 contemporary quilt artists from the UK joined forces with 38 artists from Europe in this Bernina Challenge.

Given the same collection of vibrant fabrics and including some of their own, they have created colourful, individual quilts.

Saturday 7th April

10.30am – 11.00am

11.30am - 12.30pm


The Knitted Newbury Map


FREE Demonstration –

Knit a tree

OCTC Talk (suggested donation £2) -

Be inspired as Sue Howell guides you through the making of Knitted Newbury.

Unveiling of the Knitted Newbury Map

Tuesday 1st May -Saturday 2nd June

Gallery 1

'Pax, War and Famine’

Isobel Hall

This exhibition, including wall art, vessels and handmade books, looks at aspects of warfare and displacement throughout the ages.  It features a variety of techniques but focuses mainly on those which involve creating a fabric cast, and weaving, and embroidering round the cast.

Tuesday 1st May -Saturday 2nd June

Gallery 2


Saturday 5th May

Saturday 19th May

Saturday 2nd June


Christine Pettet Art

Christine specialises in animal portraits using acrylics, watercolours, and oils.  Her exhibition also features mixed media work incorporating embroidery, textile collage, and ceramics.

Christine will be giving a talk about her exhibition on Saturday 2nd June.

Saturday 5th May

10.30 – 11 am

FREE Demonstration –


Saturday 2nd June

10.30am – 11.30am

11.30am – 12.30pm

1.00pm – 4.00pm

FREE Demonstration –

Looking at old textiles

OCTC Talk – suggested donation £2

Today we are delighted to welcome Christine Pettet to talk about her own very special art forms in her current exhibition.

Want to learn more about your textile items.  How old is it? What is it? How should I look after it?  We will do our best to answer your questions. (£2 suggested donation per item)

Tuesday 5th June -Thursday 5th July

Gallery 1

Thames Valley Contemporary
Textiles Group

Thursday 19th July

10am – 12.00pm

'Coffee Morning at St Nic’s Church, Newbury

Tuesday 5th June -Thursday 30th August

Gallery 2

'History of Commercial Dress Patterns'

National Needlework Archive

Our Gallery 2 small exhibition gives an introduction to the development of the commercial paper pattern.

Saturday 7th July -Thursday 30th August

Gallery 1

‘Stitches in Time’

Tower Hamlets

We will be displaying nine of the 50 large-scale panels created for ‘A tapestry for the millennium’.  This community project depicts the social and economic development of Tower Hamlets in London.

Saturday 4th August

10.30 – 11 am

Rag Rugging Morning

10am – 12pm

FREE Demonstration –

Rag Rugging

then buy a kit and try rag rugging for yourself!

Saturday 1st September -Thursday 4th October

Gallery 1

‘A Passion for Applique’

Christine Dobson

Christine has sewn all her life.  In the past 20 years she has concentrated on making a variety of quilts, many of which have been exhibited in national shows and competitions.  Her abiding passion is for Hand Applique, although this is frequently enhanced with other techniques.

Saturday 1st September -Thursday 4th October

Gallery 2

‘Six of the Best’

Fleet Textile Artists

A collection of work by a group of textile artists from Fleet

Saturday 1st September

10.30 – 11 am

FREE Demonstration –

Hand Applique

Saturday 6th October

10.00 – 3.00pm


10.00am – 3.00pm

Tuesday 9th October –Thursday 6th December

Gallery 1

Margaret Beal’s - ‘Fusing Fabric’

This exhibition showcases Margaret’s work from the 1990s to today.

Inspired by traditional embroidery and sewing techniques, Margaret has developed new and challenging approaches to textile art including her pioneering use of the soldering iron.  She experiments with synthetic fabrics, creating texture, distorting surfaces, and combining and manipulating these to form 3D pieces.

Tuesday 9th October –Thursday 6th December

Gallery 2

‘Christmas Inspirations’

A collection of pieces inspired by Christmas and created by our talented volunteers, Members and Friends.

Saturday 1st December

10.30am – 11.00am

11.30am – 12.30pm


FREE Demonstration –

Cathedral Window Decorations

OCTC Talk - £2

English Christmas Customs.  

Get into the spirit of Christmas with a look at Christmas past.  

Prize Giving – Christmas Stocking Competition

Seasonal drinks and nibbles available

Outside Events 2018:

Join us at one of the events we will be attending this year:

ICHF Creative Craft Show

1st to 3rd February – EventCity, Manchester

ICHF Creative Craft Show

8th to 11th March – SEC Centre, Glasgow

ICHF Creative Craft Show

15th to 18th March - NEC, Birmingham

ICHF Creative Craft Show

19th to 21st April - ExCeL, London

The West Country Quilt & Textile Show

(TBC) September - UWE, Bristol

ICHF Creative Craft Show

27th to 30th September – Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter

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